Osaka Special Roll

  • Crazy Roll

    • 12.95

    White fish, salmon, eel, kani, asparagus and tobiko, deep fried 

    Crazy Roll
  • Black Dragon Roll

    • 15.95

    Lobster and avocado inside, eel and avocado, tobiko outside 

    Black Dragon Roll
  • Osaka Roll

    • 12.95

    Thinly sliced cucumber rolled with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kani and tobiko 

    Osaka Roll
  • * Spicy Girl Roll

    • 13.95

    Spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, cucumber and crunch, spicy salmon with crunch outside 

    * Spicy Girl Roll
  • * Crazy Tuna Roll

    • 13.95

    Spicy tuna, cucumber crunch black pepper tuna and avocado outside 

    * Crazy Tuna Roll
  • * Sweet Heart Roll

    • 15.95

    Spicy tuna crunch inside, tuna outside, topped with special sauce 

    * Sweet Heart Roll
  • * Naked Girl Roll

    • 14.95

    Lobster salad, avocado, asparagus inside, topped with spicy shrimp, crab, tobiko 

    * Naked Girl Roll
  • * Salmon Family Roll

    • 14.95

    Spicy salmon, crunch inside, topped with salmon, avocado and ikura 

    * Salmon Family Roll
  • No. 9 Roll

    • 14.95

    Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped with salmon, avocado 

    No. 9 Roll
  • * M.J. Roll

    • 14.95

    Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped with spicy snow crab 

    * M.J. Roll
  • * Coon Rapids Roll

    • 15.95

    Spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna and white fish inside, topped with salmon, tuna and avocado 

    * Coon Rapids Roll
  • Yum Yum Roll

    • 14.95

    Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and cucumber inside, topped with eel and avocado 

    Yum Yum Roll
  • * B.M.W. Roll

    • 13.95

    Spicy tuna, avocado, deep fried, topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo sauce, and tobiko 

    * B.M.W. Roll
  • Crunch Roll

    • 13.95

    Shrimp tempura, cucumber, kaiware inside topped with crunch, masago, and nori fumi 

    Crunch Roll
  • Dancing Roll

    • 15.95

    Tuna, salmon, yellowtail inside, topped with white tuna, avocado, and tobiko 

    Dancing Roll
  • Sex on the Beach Roll

    • 14.95

    Shrimp tempura, kaiware inside topped with eel, white tuna, and avocado

    Sex on the Beach Roll
  • Monkey Roll

    • 12.95

    Inside: Shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, and avocado

    Outside: Spicy salmon and avocado with spicy mayo, eel sauce 

    Monkey Roll
  • * Yellow Dragon Roll

    • 14.95

    Inside: Fresh tuna, fresh salmon, fresh yellowtail, eel, and avocado Outside:spicy mayo 

    * Yellow Dragon Roll
  • Ninja Roll

    • 15.95

    Inside: King crab, and asparagus

    Outside: Eel, salmon, avocado, tobiko, and sweet sauce 

    Ninja Roll
  • * Shrimp and Lobster Roll

    • 15.95

    Inside: Shrimp tempura, and crab meat

    Outside: Lobster salad, spicy mayo, and sweet sauce (toasted) 

    * Shrimp and Lobster Roll
  • * Sakura Roll

    • 16.95

    Inside: Spicy tuna,spicy salmon, lobster salad, avocado

    Outside: Soybean paper 

    * Sakura Roll
  • * American Dream Roll

    • 14.95

    Inside: Spicysnow crab, crunch, and tobiko

    Outside: Yellowtail, avocado, and cilantro 

    * American Dream Roll
  • * Winter Roll

    • 11.95

    Inside: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and avocado

    Outside: Eel sauce, spicy mayo sauce 

    * Winter Roll
  • * Sumo Roll

    • 17.95

    Inside: Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, crunch

    Outside: Avocado, tobiko, lobster alad 

    * Sumo Roll
  • Volcano Roll

    • 13.95

    Salmon, avocado, cream cheese inside, fresh mango, tobiko and chef’s special sauce on top

    Volcano Roll
Osaka Special Roll
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