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I was at your restaurant tonight with my kids and husband and we have always had a great experience but tonight was really awkward and not comfortable. I’m a server I’ll start out by saying and I have the most respect on how things are now and how challenging they are but I almost lost my cool tonight. The server we had was probably trying to do a good job but was embarrassing with a another couple at our table who wanted to sit with their friends that showed up and was at another table and we got a at least 5 minute lecture on Groupons which didn’t even have to do with us at all and I just wanted a drink and so did my family I finally said twice can we just please get our drinks… and then as we are getting more lectures on the Groupons and honestly let those people sit wherever they want for god sakes we do Groupons at my work and they are being used regardless… it’s called customer service or just don’t do them. I finally told him can we not talk about Groupons anymore
Renee Gomez
I ate there yesterday 10/15/2021 and after a few hours I got food poisoning stomach cramps, diarrhea and throwing up
Jennifer Hexum
I am following up to an email I sent a couple of months ago regarding a silent auction donation. I am with Northern Starz Children's Theatre in Ramsey, MN. We are just 3 weeks away from our first performance of Aladdin Jr. At each performance, we have a silent auction. The funds raised from the silent auction go directly back to The Penguin Project to help fund next year's program. Would you be willing to donate a gift card? If you could respond either way, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
you need to add more help. We waited 45 min to get the soup and salad then the meal came right after did not have time to finish before the main course came